Less vs More

by loloelen

I don’t know why but lately I am constantly thinking of how much my life has changed.  Is it corona virus crisis? is it one year of psychotherapy? Both?

I cannot say. I presume that the last years of my life where very stressful and “lost in translation” that led me to ask for her from my psychotherapist ….. Actually talking to Penelope on a weekly basis for more than one year was very critical and very useful.  I dare to say that it was the best gift I ever did to myself.  2020 found me absolutely determined never to lose again my orientation.  And I presumed that corona virus crisis helped me stop postponing things and actions.

Who knows? maybe my speculations are to the point! I just know that I really enjoy my “new” self!

So, instead of writing long texts and probably get you tired of my confessions, i decided to prepare two lists. One of those that I have more since the beginning of this year and another of those that I have less.

Are you with me to this stage of your life? Check and let me know. (The sequence is not of any importance).


– Reading

– Sleeping

– Relaxing

– Thinking

– Watching movies

– Self-care

– Time with family

– Having real conversations with real friends

– Working on things that I love

– Better nutrition

– Dreaming


– Physical exercise (this should be change radically)

– Negotiations

– Communication with fake friends

– Expenses

– Time consuming in indifferent things

– Putting myself in inconvenient situation

– Time with my partner (I really wish his endless business trip will find his Ithaca and be together more)

– Spontaneous movements-actions

– Listening to others’ opinion

This is it for Loloelen today end of June 2020.


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