Little black dress

by loloelen

I know that many articles have been written about the little black dress code.  But, there is still space for all us to give our opinion.  After all it is so classic that has its own entry in the dictionary!

Me I vote for this dress code.  It is one of the real must have in your wardrobe and for a plethora of reasons.

Let me give you the most important.

– the best option when you are stuck of what to wear in an occasion

– it can be dressed up or down equally easy

– it is absolutely timeless, as you can wear today a piece purchased many years ago (if you are of those lucky persons that still fit in their youth clothes)

– the LBD states the style and the social changes of each period of time as it has managed to adapt to any social and/or politic situation and as consequence to fashion look

– the easiest way to subconsciously protect yourself of feelings you cannot control, thus, make your statement to others

Do you need any further “excuse”?

Just a few tips for this summer: choose a affordable, preferably 100% cotton dress, in the simplest line-form and experiment with your accessories.  The featured photo displays a boho style for this season, with 100% handcrafted items, all available at your shop

– macrame bag

– leather sandals with tasseled edge band

– Plexiglass horseshoe necklace (for good luck) with black and white band and

– plexiglass bracelet with black and white textile tasseled edge band

the only thing that is not for sale is my 100% LBD, bought 5 years ago, at Zara, of only 10 Euro value …. Maybe one of my best purchases ever!

Why don’t you send you your proposal of styling a Little Black Dress? or send us any pieces of your wardrobe that are not useful to you but could be for someone else …. who knows?



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