March 2020: my reality

by loloelen

March 2020, a month that will be remembered by all of us as the month that changed our life, our routines, our habits, ourselves. We have many expectations from social distancing and working at home but which is the actual reality?I am staying home for 17 days now … and I think I am dealing with it quite well.  I admit that my emotions and my psychology is like a yoyo, many ups and downs within a day …. but i do not stop thinking i am doing the right thing and i will (we all will actually) “escape” somehow from this situation.

I was always a hand writing calendar person, but these days my planner is my hand’s extension. Ι note everything, even the most indifferent thoughts and I am trying to wedge tasks in my daily routine as if there is no tomorrow …. while struggling to keep my daily routine as it was. But what do I really do? How punctual or unpuctual am I to my schedule? Do i have a schedule or do i live in chaos? Let’s see…

– Morning shower: still with no exemption

– morning coffee & reading news for at least 30′: still with no exemption … but now two coffees for at least 60′ … in the raw

– getting dressed, make up, hair styling ….. i choose my clothes than my pajamas and a light makeup (just to ensure my friends won’t get scared when seeing my face on their screens (you need tricks, when not being photogenic). Hair styling …. remains unknown to me

– healthy diet: this is a surprise, since January 2020 I adopted a must healthier and nutritious diet …. i still keep it in my life, i cook on my own (no deliveries) and I do not cheat at all

– working out: remains big zero (as the last couple of years)

– middle day nap …. unknown to me till March 2020 – now i do not lose it!

– working on specific hours of day …. never did … if i ever manage to do so, i’ ll be very proud of myself

– household: my weekly plan of works to do in the house had always a succession … now, whatever i find convenient at that time

– reading, watching movies, listening to music, self-caring: oh yes, i have them back in my life and i love it!

– socialising: much more than previously … only by distance now

– dreaming: much more than previously …. and with notes this time

So this is my reality … with pros and cons … with ups and downs …

The photo was taken while thinking of this article …

Take care my friends,

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