Thessaloniki, my hometown

by loloelen

While staying at home I was thinking of my city and I started googling information about Thessaloniki.  Look what I found at Monocle publication, an excellent video-presentation, dated August 2019, referring to my city’s revival.

While watching it, I felt so proud and happy realising that the place i grow up managed to maintain its avant garde culture and escape from the misery of financial crisis.  And yes, I was like a peacock when i saw how Monocle (a much appreciated magazine) presented the city ….. This was an awakening of my hidden devotion and appreciation for my homeland.

I have to be honest with you, but being abroad the last 6 years and being away from the day to day problems and fetters of city’s inhabitants made my regular visits quite depressing ….. However last year, i was pleasantly surprised when I realised that my town started again to look like the place i knew.

Please, those who are aware of Thessaloniki and its spirit, take a thorough look at this video and those who don’t as well too! Believe me, you will start dreaming (unfortunately, for the moment there is nothing more you can do about it than dreaming) of your next stopover there.

I took this photo November 2017, a typical sunny winter morning while walking by the sea, at Thessaloniki’s famous “new paralia”.

Looking forward in walking down town again leisurely and enjoying Thessaloniki’s character, energy, heart.

I’ d love to get your comments, opinion, remarks.

Warm regards,

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