When traveling abroad stay tuned to local radio stations

by loloelen

When traveling abroad, stay tuned to local radio stations Last year I was at Guimarania, Mina Gerais, Brasil and I recorded this short video while driving to a small local road Local Radio Station (Guimarania, Brasil).  This was the best way for me to feel part of the new world that I was visiting, listening to local music, while driving, and trying to figure out the lyrics.

Apart from finding it so easy, convenient and great companionship to have a local radio station turned on and, for sure, be able to switch stations whenever you want, I strongly believe that this is the most immediate way to be adopted in the new situation and environment.  Do forget that, especially music, is great stress reliever and let’s be honest, we all have a hint of stress when being away from home, especially when being alone.

For me local music and language are the keys for the faster and much more profound knowledge of the places I am passing by.  Even if I don’t like what I am hearing or I don’t understand a word, I have undeniably under my skin what is all about this new world.  And, memories accompanied by music or by “strange” hearings do not fade away easily – I could dare to stay that remain in your heart and your mind for a life time.



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