Ceramic plates: at your wall or your table?

by loloelen

If you are fan of boho style, use your grandmother’s ceramic plates. Either as hanging decoration idea or as top table items can easily give a warm character to your ambience.

Apart from loving handmade pottery – as a matter of fact anything that is 100% handcrafted takes credit to my mind and my eyes – I adore to put color in my life from time to time.  Ok, basically I prefer the quite, clean, smooth style of minimalism but I cannot resist to the hustle of multi-colors and mix & match bohemian approach.

This is a have-it-all solution if you wish for sometime to have at your table or at your room fresh, sunny, energetic air!  Trust me, and do not hesitate to try it! It is not a lifetime bond! it is just a decor option that can “put a spell on you” and fill you with beauty and optimism in a few secs.

My personal selection’s plates are souvenirs of traveling to Mediterranean countries and can become yours, in case you interested, by sending me a message here or at Instagram asking me for more photos, dimensions, origins info, delivery and price details.

However, if you are a pottery creator or you know someone else you would like to bring out his work at my spot, I would be more than thrilled to receive a message from you.

Looking forward to your reactions.

Cheers to Boho style!

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