Embracing 2021, wear a lucky charm

by loloelen

Embracing 2021, wear a lucky charm! This year more than ever we need to follow the habit of some people to buy the last days of a year, small charms for the next one.

2020 was with no doubt a very difficult year that will remain in history for changing significantly our world.  All of us are fighting to keep our calm, strength and optimism for better days.  Many of us are deeply depressed and have no belief for a brighter future.

Me I have the impression and the feeling that this corona virus crisis made us all better people.  Why? Because we all chose to slow down our daily rhythm and realize the importance of relationships, communication, contact, freedom.

I belong to those who take the necessary measurements in order to win the rest of this pandemy and I find myself acting towards my environment much more maturely, honestly and caring!

So I am not the kind of person who thinks life is depending on destiny.  But, somehow, this year, after so much stress and bad mood around me, I feel very keen on wearing a good luck charm, especially if this is a cute, elegant and affordable accessory …

That is why I decided to have in my shop small pendants of 2021 with colorful mirror-plexiglass and minimal bracelets of same material.  They can be worn by women, men and kids and they bring simplicity (that I love) and elegance to your look along with “good luck”.

Just visit our shop or DM to me for any further question.

Sending love



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