Knitting, a habit with million friends

by loloelen

We used to think that knitting is a habit of elder people.  The last years, we noticed a change to its audience.  Many young people, even kids embraced knitting.  But what happened during Covid-19 crisis?

As we said above the last decade all DIY activities became number one to preference for an indoor or outdoor habit.  The majority of them increased incredibly during Covid-19 crisis but the king is considered “knitting”.

We see on a daily basis articles, posts, documentaries, online lessons etc. about it and yes, it is true, the moment you start it is the moment you fall in love with it.

it is not that you are “cool” and “trend”, it is also that you reduce your stress, your bad mood and finally you have something in your hand that you feel happy and proud of it.

So, since loloelen blog, shop and marketplace is a kid of our current, difficult circumstances and since we admire and love the 100% handmade work, we decided to include in our shop a few bags (clutch or/and cross bag) fully knitted and full of love by Iro Creations.  They are beautiful, classy, timeless and they can escort any kind of look.

Why don’t you check on them.  They are in bargain prices for 10 days (8-18oct) and they are limited.

i hope you love them too.

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