Should I wear a mask?

by loloelen

I do not intent to talk to you about the new virus, if it can travel through the air or not and what we should either do or not …

I just want to share with you the way I am treating myself during this crisis and mostly the last days while many countries show tolerance to strict measurements. If you are interested keep reading!  If you agree or not, please tell me about it.

As I said to previous posts the last couple of months I started to overthink about everything and mostly about my future.   I got really tired and fed up with all!! yes, indeed, all! things, situations, people – everything!

1. So, the first thing that I changed to my new “lifestyle” (allow me this term) is to stop reading, listening, watching to news of various sources – I picked up only two (one international and one national) and I am keeping myself advised to all developments only by those two!

2. The second is to decide to stay alone even more …. ok, I cannot be social distanced for 100% but definitely I can avoid unreasonable social contacts.

3. I keep washing my hands all the time while being at home

4. I use a lot of hand sanitizer products while being out of home – sometimes I wear gloves too!

5. I avoid touching my face (which is soooo – big emphasis – hard for me)

6. i always keep 2m. distance from others

7. I always wear a mask when being out of home and mostly when being in other spaces, like markets, public services, public transportation, offices etc.

I point out the last one since wearing (or not) a mask has become one of the most divisive debates in this pandemic.

People are justifiably so confused about using masks or not, about their proper material, their thickness, the required circumstances for wearing one, their price, their way of cleaning them etc.

To me it is clear enough! Better use one – any kind – than nothing but certainly use it properly!  otherwise it is like taking coals to Newcastle!

So please,

– those of one use masks, should be worn only once

– those washable, should be washed thoroughly and separately after each use

– do not touch the mask but only the elastic part of it

Finally start considering them as symbols, as an affirmation of civic-mindedness and conscientiousness!  it will help a lot, it will stop “racism” – there are no sick or healthy people, there are people suffering somehow of a pandemic!

That is all by me!

Take care of yourself, stay safe and better days will come – if we work on that all together! Cliche or not …. it is true!




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