Small (or not) things I am grateful for / Small (or not) things I really miss

by loloelen

Now that we have plenty of time cause of social distancing, I thought to reconsider the things that are valuable for me during these days and those that I do really miss.

So, I took my coffee and my notepad in my hands and started taking notes and …. voila my lists.

Things that I am grateful for

1. Comfortable sofa

2. Cozy TV blanket

3. Plenty self-care products stocked

4. Good coffee machine

5. Strong coffee

6. Good notebook

7. Chalk furniture paints

8. Balcony

9. Strong wifi connection

10. Many things to reorganise

Things that I really miss

1. My car

2. My mani-pedi girlfriend

3. Hanging around in the market

4. Visiting my hairdresser

5. Visiting my optometric

6. My fancy clothes

7. Having a road trip

8. Face to face chatting with my psychotherapist

9. My friends

10. My life partner

What about you? what would you mention in your lists? I am really curious … and I can analyze it with you as long as you like …



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