Dinkel (spelt) bread – a miracle

by loloelen

In my country (Greece), bread at the table is a must.  Greeks cannot consider a meal as a proper one if bread is missing.  But do they know the “dinkel” (or spelt) bread? If not, they should!

Living in Switzerland, in the German side of this country, I noticed lately that every bread I was buying had the name “dinkel” which is a German word for Spelt.  I had no idea what it was.  I just knew that it was extremely tasty, maybe the best bread of my life (and by the way, I strongly believe that there is no other country like Germany in variety and high quality of bread).

So I Google it and this is what I found.  Check at Spelt (Dinkel) at Wikipedia and see its history and the amazing nutritious benefits!

As soon as you read it you will run to taste it and after that, I bet you won’t choose any other kind of bread in the future.

Let me know!





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