Cotton, the king of fibers

by loloelen
Cotton today is the most known and used textile fiber in the world, the king of all materials, direct from the nature.

Who hasn’t enjoyed its soft and natural feeling on his skin?  Is there any other material that has all these, below mentioned unique properties, together, at once, with no processing at all? I bet no, none!  That is why I will always prefer to present you clothing and accessories of 100% cotton.

Cotton is

  • Comfortable – there are no surface characteristics of cotton that make it irritating to human skin. Cotton feels good against skin; it has a soft hand
  • Hydrophilic – cotton has a natural affinity for water – it attracts moisture away from your body
  • Moisture passes freely through cotton – aiding in evaporation and cooling
  • Good Heat Conductivity – Cotton allows heat to dissipate making it a wonderful fiber to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Strong and abrasion resistance
  • The unfavorable attributes of cotton include its lack of resiliency (cotton tends to wrinkle) and its
    lack of luster (colors are usually dull)

Its is history is quite interesting, with its complexity – we may all believe that we are aware of this natural fiber but we aren’t actually…. Please take a look at Wikipedia’s reference and you will find amazing info for this white, soft plants.

Just for your information, the photo was taken in Brasil, just outside Patos de Minas.

Please follow my account at Instagram and you will see soon many fabulous, comfortable and affordable 100% cotton proposals or if you are someone who wishes to present his organic work through this blog, please send a direct message.  I would love to discover new, handcrafted ideas.

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