Time matters!

by loloelen

I really cannot recall how come I spent an hour yesterday evening seating at my veranda and thinking about time in general.  Maybe it was the first time – or at least the first time that I considered time very seriously and mostly I strongly realized that this is what actually we all have in common.

Well, maybe not the only one but definitely one of the most critical in our lives.

Up to now, usually I was thinking time when I was feeling that I lost hours, days ….. without accomplishing anything …. But this is not the case.

I should start visualizing time in a different way and more specifically as previously mentioned as the “common” thing that maintain healthy all my relationships and my activities and I may start appreciating it more and making the most of it.

You see, I have time

  • With my love partner
  • With my friends
  • With my family
  • with the ritual that give me joy
  • with my work that offers the living tools
  • with my dreams
  • with myself
  • with my peace

If I do that, I am pretty sure that I will “spend” my time more efficiently and I will put a lid on any regrets.

What about you? Do share with me your thoughts!

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