The adorable navy blue – red style

by loloelen

Navy blue is one of the most versatile shades you can add to our closet and when they match with red become incredibly chic!

You can wear navy blue with many colors such as grey, orange, pink, green, white of course and even black but red, at all shades – from light red to burgundy, is the perfect complement.

With no doubt this combination is an elegant one for all styles, ages and genders.  It is a foolproof classic and timeless on its own.

And so easy to adapt, maybe the easiest!  Who hasn’t a blue pair of trousers and a white t-shirt that could escort them with a striped red-blue-white bag or headband or earrings or any kind of accessory?

Well, me, I was always fan of this style – to be honest, after wearing it a lot at my teenage years, i spent a decade without wearing blue at all ….. Yes, it was a childish reaction to this overdose of blue in my life.  But, after this period of time, i am back to blue! I adore it – all shades – but mostly navy blue and when it comes with red it really engages my eye and my admiration.

What about you? are you wearing nay blue – red style? if yes, please send us proposals of this style and, i would be enthused to have you clients-selectors of my stuff or sellers of your beloved items at my small, “under construction” marketplace.

Hope to hear from you



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