Fresh Cretan Pasta “Skioufihta”

by loloelen

If you ever visit Greece and in particularly Crete Island, you have to try “Skoufihta”, the fresh Cretan Pasta.

As I said many times I love to travel.  For me, a successful trip means that you did, at least partly, the following 4 “must do” things

– meeting local people

– visiting places that i knew only from books

– learning how local’s spend their everyday life

– tasting local recipes and products

So, if you do so, and you are in Crete, then you have to taste “Skioufihta” – maybe a very simple fresh pasta but so exceptionally tasty!

One of the things that I learnt here in Crete is that life is beautiful when is simple ….. a friend of mine used to say “best things in life are free” and it is true!

Imagine sitting at a table, chatting with a friend and enjoying a fresh, with local products salad, the “Skioufihta” pasta with grated mizithra or feta cheese and Tsikoudia-Raki, the local alcoholic beverage (I will write about these tastes soon, please stay tuned) – do you need anything else? hmm, no! 100% no!

So, when planning your future vacations, remember to schedule visiting Crete and tasting “Skioufihta“.  I have included the recipe – in English – of a young Greek chef that I admire a lot.  Take a look at it and you will discover the magic of plain plates.

The featured photo is from my lunch at “Limani” tavern, Sitia, Lasithi, Crete.




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