Train Travel Industry Guideline

by loloelen

Many people still using trains to transport at their work or home.  Coronavirus changed the way we think about daily life and about any kind of transportation.  Train Travel Industry says that we can stay safe, if we follow basic rules. Let’s see them and adopt them for our own and others safety.

Actually all we need to do is to try to travel contactless! Is this possible? I am not sure but i believe it is not impossible, if we take the below steps

  • 100% online payments for getting our ticket
  • avoid traveling during heavy hours in order to get on less crowded trains
  • always wear gloves and do not touch anything – or at least use one-the same hand for touching handles, doorknobs etc.  Could we use our elbow? even better!
  • avoid to hold your cellphone while traveling and if we do, use the other – clean – hand (not the one for holding from handles etc.)
  • before entering the train and as soon as we go out use antibacterial products and wash our hands the soonest possible
  • keep distance of 2m. or at least seat opposite to each other
  • do not use refillable cups – have our coffee at home before traveling or at our destination
  • do not buy and consume products in the train – pack our own snack and enjoy it at our destination

As I said, Coronavirus became major problem and we have to adopt the new rules if we wish to minimise risks and finally give an end.  It is up to us!

Take care of yourself, your beloved ones and your community.


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