World obesity day … time for a salad

by loloelen

This morning, with my early coffee habit, i read that today 4/3 is the World Obesity Day. I had already planned my meal for this evening, just a boiled vegetable salad, and I thought “what a coincidence …. maybe I should write something about it”. So here I am …

There are two things that I would like to focus on.  One is that, in our days, we should give an ending to obesity especially the childhood one and the other is that we should all of us adopt healthy, easy and affordable habits which will eliminate this problem or even vanish it.

Please do not start thinking that there is nothing we can do about it since obesity has its roots to various factors such as lifestyle, psychology, socio-culture, dietary and others like genetic, environmental and economic factors.

No doubt, all these factors exist and all of them together could make our wish harder to accomplish.  But in 2020 we shouldn’t face such problems that causes serious health pathological and psychological problems. We have all the means and especially all the knowledge of how we should avoid it.

There is a lot we can do, such as teach our children simple, healthy food and activity habits. Don’t you think that preparing meals such mine (boiled vegetables with a touch of olive oil and lemon) is better than buying food and drinks high in fats, salt and sugar? Don’t you think that preferring a walk, bicycle ride, a short excursion at the open field is better than watching TV or seating in front of a monitor for hours?

Please think about it and change your lifestyle. It is easier said than done? No! it is really easy, just do it!

Take care of you and your children.

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