Scarfs … my fetish

by loloelen

We all have a kind of “fetish” to our personal style.  To me, with not doubt at all, this role belongs to scarfs of any size, material, color, style ….. I will explain to you the reasons why.

To me is the best accessory of an outfit and I am not referring to shoes and bags but only to these kind of accessories that gives the “salt” to your look.  Can you understand what I mean?

it is just the thing that helps make your statement when adding it to your look … do you want to be a complete professional? or a funky summer girl? All you need is the “suitable” scarf …. In case you are not able to choose the proper one, then ask someone else or google it … you will get your answer in a sec, believe me.

You can wear is thousand ways!! There are so many tutorials of stylists about “how to wear a scarf”. Let me give you a few ideas-proposals ….. As a top, a headband, a belt, as a decor element to your bag, a bracelet, at your neck or your shoulders, under or above your jacket ….

But the very best is, qua elegant accessory, its the possibility to have it hidden in your bag and put it on you whenever and for as long as you want.

Do no hesitate to have one with you always …. it can effortless transform your look!

Obviously, as my fetish, I will have from time to time available at my shop handcrafted (or not), consciously selected scarfs for you to enrich your style.



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