Greek Infused Leather Sandals

by loloelen

It is not only the ancient years that inherited us the love for leather sandals, it is also the contemporary urban life that preserved this feeling.  And why is that? I’ ll explain. If you love mythology, archeology, history, you can read that sandals are well known to many cultures, all over the world and for many many years.

Nowadays, in my country Greece wearing sandals became a must.  And why is that? I am mentioning below my points of view for this trend and you can agree or disagree with me.  The sequence is no importance.

– Weather / high temperatures: for half a year, we have temperatures that do not allow to wear a “proper” shoe

– lifestyle in the country: Following the 1st point, when being on an island or an mountain village or generally in province, you can wear much easier and with more comfort a pair of sandals

– simplicity in urban life: lately we all (no matter of which age) we love more and more simplicity in our style while being in big cities …. most probably because we cannot afford anymore of “deluxe” items and we realized that simple things matter a lot more to all of us

– freedom: the younger generations started living without being characterized by rules and obligations concerning their appearance, habits and style seeking every day more and more freedom from pointless restrictions

All the above mentioned comments describe the current phase that I am going through…. That is why, when meeting my friend’s Iro Creations handcrafted work, didn’t hesitate at all to include some of her sandals at my recent uploaded shop.  I picked up those that are very easy to wear, timeless and elegant.

Don’t you think?

I hope you will fancy them as much as I did.








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