Pin, a beloved accessory

by loloelen

While preparing my goods at my shop for Fall/winter 2020, I realized how much i love pins as an accessory.  But let’s see first how we could wear it.

There are many ways, you probably couldn’t even imagine.  For me the pin is the easiest accessory exactly because of this “flexibility” that provides.  See below a few suggestions:

  • on your t-shirt (one or more)
  • on your bag (one or more)
  • as a scarf holder
  • on your dress (on your waistline or neckline etc.)
  • as a holder to a wrap around garment
  • on your headband
  • on your tie
  • on your coat, jacket (one or more)
  • on your hat (one or more)

And which is the outcome of such a “style”?  Apart from making a statement if you use those pin with various messages you definitely get more

  • elegance
  • style
  • dissimilarity of others’ look
  • sparkle
  • cuteness
  • “french” style

If you agree with me, send me any other idea of wearing a pin and, of course, stay tuned to my shop for picking up beautiful and unique items either handcrafted or not.

Lots of kisses

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