Soups even in the summer?

by loloelen

Do you love soups even in the summer? Well, I do! Maybe is this strong feeling of relaxation that I get every time I am tasting a warm soup.

In Greece, my country home, a traditional meal starts always with a soup.  There is a plethora of recipes according to season’s demands.

Trahanas soup is one of the popular and folksy.  There is a variety of trahanas’ qualities, according to the region and its history.  But for sure this ingredient can be cooked in max 30′ and can give you the sentiment of Greek traditional life.

I am including  here for you this link in order to see 23 quick and tasty recipes with Trahana.

And please be so kind not to use this clichéd that soups are not for summer.  Believe me there are many ways to prepare a soup and make it proper for summer.  Just try the lightest recipes, add cold cheese in it – feta could probably be the best choice, leave it to get room temperature or even taste cold soups like the famous Gazpacho.

Anyway, for me, Trahanas soup, cooked with butter and escorted by feta cheese, a bunch of pepper and a glass of cold white wine is a fine option for a beautiful summer night.

How about you?


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