Greek traditional motif that brings good luck!

by loloelen

We all need more good luck lately, cause of this pandemic situation we are struggling with the last 4 months and some of us may think (seriously or not) that somebody put a spell on us …. well, it doesn’t matter, we have the solution.

Greeks believe in evil eye…. Religion, tradition, elder people’s sayings infused it in our minds but we have various ways to avoid it… The most popular are the below and we can have them all or one of it ….. it’s up to our mood!

– 3 times spit at other’s face or at our bosom – depending to who is receiving the evil vibes – usually accompanying the gesture with the word “ftousou”

– throwing salt to our backs

– hanging a garlic braid at our entrance

– wearing a lucky eye or decorating our home, office, car with items featuring a Greek lucky eye

Well, I love them all and somehow keeping this kind of traditions in my life makes me feel good and cheerful. Mostly I fancy the lucky eye.  I really adore this pattern!! Obviously this love of mine led me to include a lot of them at my loloelenshop stuff, mostly decorative and of use items.

Check my featured photo and you will see various, of plexiglass trays, coasters, place mats, key chains and hanging or laying decor pieces.  Believe me, if you ever visit my place, you will notice one at every room – yes, do not make fun of me, i do feel confident that this way, apart from adding a cute and colorful ornament, no evil eye will catch me.

I bet that one of them, if not all, is suitable for you too.

Stay tuned at loloelenshop and marketplace to find various brand-new or pre-loved similar utile and decorative elements.



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