Broad-leaved basil, the best summer table decoration

by loloelen

Have you ever visited any Mediterranean country? If you have, I am pretty sure that you noticed the basil pots in front of doors, windows, at balconies, back yards, on the tables, in the kitchen.  Basil, according to me, is the king of herbs, especially culinary herbs.

It is used in cuisines worldwide but, with no doubt, is a must in Mediterranean kitchen.  This sensuous herb gives an “extra” to any food and satisfies even the most difficult and demanding tastes.

But, to me, Basil is not only a must-have element in the kitchen but practically in the house.  I just can’t consider a completed decorated balcony or terrace or backyard without a pot with basil – any kind of basil (ok, I love a little bit more the broad-leaved one).

The image of a basil pot in front of a door or a window is very common in any, mountain or island, village in my country and I dare to say that I rate highly, in my mind, the fact that those unfortunate people living a city kept this habit in their urban life too.

It is only its powerful and elegant scent that jazzes up the whole house!!! It is the coziness that arises through its fragrance and beauty which makes me feel really moved.

The pictures features a semi-large tin pot (which is on sale at my shop) on my dining balcony table.

I am really proud for keeping it so fresh and for having the luxury of using it when preparing my own pesto.




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