Breath new life into your childhood’s furniture

by loloelen

While I was a kid I thought that my parents’ home decoration style “sucked” (allow me the expression) …. years later I found them so “avant-garde” for their time and for sure make me wish to keep them in my life

As a kid I didn’t have a proper kid’s room ….. i was playing, reading, sleeping at my mother’s office – she was a teacher and we had at home a large room with a floor to ceiling library and two armchairs in front of it.  I wasn’t visiting my friends’ houses and i kept staring their rooms full of dolls or posters of our fav rock singer.

Anyway, to my big surprise, when i lost my parents and i went with my sister to “clean” the house, the first thing that I asked to keep was the above mentioned armchairs.

It was an unplanned decision for which I do not regret at all. Actually i feel kind of proud of myself for breathing new life to these 60’s style precious furniture that I know well my mum adored.  After all, as I said many times we have to give value to exceptional items of our life since losing its usefulness for us it doesn’t mean that loses its real value.

For me, at my home, weren’t the perfect choice – but for my partner’s home in Crete were ideal!  Take a look at the featured photo and let me know how they appeal to you.

Ah, another thing that I wish to point out is that renewing a furniture which is already in good condition doesn’t mean that needs total refreshment ….. maintain any imperfections … we are talking about “old”, with history, dream pieces.

So whenever you are about to “throw away” anything, think of how you could take advantage of it and reset the clock of its life.  If for some reason you cannot do this on your own, Loloelen is here for you …. not only for consulting but also for promoting and finding new owner.

Looking forward in receiving your messages.




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