10 suggestions for the ideal location of family pictures in the house

by loloelen

I adore photos! As far as recording family memories is concerned I vote for photos! And i love looking upon them on a daily basis. But which is the perfect positioning of such kind of photos in a house?

I am sure I have said before that I love interior designing and I love redecorating a space without spending a penny… For this purpose, changing position of family photos is an excellent choice!  But, honestly, apart from my first choice (which is by the stairs – if available), all the rest  …. just a chaos! In fact I like them all but mostly i love having them in front of me during my daily routine and having a gander whenever I want to remind me of beautiful, meaning moments of my life.

So as I said,

1st choice: staircases – a wall, floor to ceiling, full of framed pictures – just adorable! A colorful, filled with love image while going up and down to your house!

And the rest:

2. at the fireplace – no matter what type of fireplace (classic, heavy, minimal, rustic) framed pictures can decorate it in an elegant way.  All you have to pay attention is to use frames of the same style (mix & match is not so easy at this case)

3. on the sideboard – again, furniture’s style is not important – just use frames that can be combined in harmony with your piece

4. on a corridor wall – this wall usually is “useless” and definitely gets characters with lovely photos hanged on it

5. on the living room wall – in the center or as a collage – it is fine way to decorate your living room

6. on wall shelves – narrow shelves full of pictures? yes, why not? Superb idea!

7. on a folding screen – if you use a folding screen to separate a studio space, it would have fun to cover it with photos

8. on a pillar – sometimes houses include architectural “mistakes” and a graceless pillar stands in the middle of a room … just give it a chance to become beautiful

9. on a small wall of your bedroom, your office or even your kitchen – it is always nice to have a “space” full of memories

10. on wall corners – wonderful way to give the impression that there is something to wait for when turning at the other side of the wall

What about you? Do you like photos, at your home? Is it difficult for you to “position” them anywhere?  Please share it with us.

I feel obliged to clarify to you that photos can be displayed in frames-pieces of art, in identical minimal frames, in plexy-glass, just hanged by a peg, binder clip or a pin on a cork board or even on a fence …

(the last proposal, of using a fence is my next project at home – i’ ll keep you posted).



Looking forwarding in getting your comments and your suggestions.

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