Do you know what “vintage” means?

by loloelen

I have the impression that we use more often than we should and, actually, we misuse the word “vintage” or that we confuse it with the word “antique“.  Do you agree? So, let’s see their meaning.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary here is the actual meaning of Vintage:

of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and most typical characteristics of a particular type of thing, especially from the past:
a vintage plane
a vintage comicbook
This film is vintage (= has the bestcharacteristicstypical of films made by Disney.
She lovesbuying vintage clothing
while Antique means:
something made in an earlierperiod that is collected and considered to have value because it is beautiful, rare, old, or of high quality:
You can’t give away Granny’s oldbookcase – it’s a valuable antique.
My mother collects antiques.
but more important is to clarify the difference between them.  I am giving you the basic rule after reading tons of comments by dealers or collectors etc.

Antique have to be at least 100 years in age. That is what makes a true antique according to respectable dealers. Vintage can be anything from 20-99 years old and generally capture a sense of nostalgia that’s relevant to the culture in some way. Some popular sub-cultures include sneaker, hip-hop and movie culture.

And, for sure Antique can be Vintage but not the contrary 🙂

But how have I started to deal with vintage items on a daily basis? Do you want to know? Well, I’ ll tell you anyway.  It started 5 years ago, when I lost both of my parents and I had to empty their home.  While doing it I found real treasures and I remembered how many times I argued with my mother about keeping everything …. I used to tell her “all these will live more than you”.  It is true, they lived but my parents lived with them too.

Without even understanding it, collecting things became a ritual to me which I want to share with all of you and most of all I want to make you feel comfortable to talk to me about your valuable things.  This action of finding new owner and give happiness to someone else became passion.

Please stay tuned to my blog, shop and marketplace.  Soon I will upload many things especially of 90s.  I’ll talk to you about beloved decades in another post.

Take care.


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