Who was the hero of your childhood?

by loloelen

My hero arose from the very first book I have memory of, with the title “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer“, a novel of Mark Twain, dated 1876 ….

This book was considered a masterpiece of American literature and one of the first books written on a typewriter! Ok, I wasn’t aware of this info when I was a child – I mean, this didn’t matter to me at all at that time – but I loved from the first page this little boy growing up along at the Mississippi River.

A character inspired by a couple of Twain’s acquaintances, although the writer claimed that he was “product” of his fertile mind, full of energy and adventures.

I loved him cause of his freedom, innocence, will to explore, cleverness but mostly for his efficiency at monkeyshines!  The whole story is based on that capacity and displays in detail kids’ & adults’ mixed emotions of proud, shock & envy.

For some reason, I feel I had short tots of this “style” of childhood in my life …. for sure, I had the play out at the streets, the friendships, the laughs and …. the fears.  Maybe we weren’t so good at cheating but we didn’t care, all we wanted was fun!

So, who was your hero or at least your fav character at your early years and why? Would you like to share it with us?

By the way, I tried to find at my parent’s house the original book and take a picture of it …. but without success.  Therefore the featured photo comes from Google….


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