“Tsikoudia” aka “Raki”

by loloelen

Are you the type of traveler who tries any local recipe or the one who prefers “safe” choices? I really hope you belong to the first group of people and if so, 100% when being in Greece you have to try “Tsikoudia” also known as “Raki”.

Please be so kind to check on web the various alcoholic beverages my country can offer you when being on holidays in Greece and therefore you are allowed to have a bit more of alcohol than usual (unless you drive).

If you do not have time to google them, you can just open the link given above and see the basic choices you have in any area of Greece.

All I want to say about Raki is that maybe is the most “clear” taste of alcohol you can get and therefore it will not harm you, you will not get headaches or bad mood .. Obviously, if you drink a lot, you will need to get a nap soon after that!

Apart from the “clear” taste, what is worth having a “Raki” is the “meze” (Greek tapas) that come together with the beverage.  In many areas all you need to order is the drink and they offer you a variety of meze – i mean with every order of Raki you get a couple of different meze-plates (never the same).

Currently I am in Sitia, eastern Crete and yesterday i had just one drink, on my own…. take a look at the photo of the 4 tastes escorting my glass of Tsikoudia…..

Traditional Greek Fava 

Choclious bourbouristous (which is actually escargots with olive oil, vinegar and rosemary)

Meatballs with tomato sauce (no child raised in Greece didn’t have this plate on a weekly basis during summer)

Tuna salad with pasta

And all these with the value of 6 (six) Euros….  Just AMAZING!!!!

Do you think it didn’t worth it?  Just give it a try to your next trip.






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