Favorite corner of my house

by loloelen

if you don’t have your favorite corner in your house, now that you are staying at home, it is time to create one.

Current days are difficult, staying at home and social distancing are a must! We have to pretty up our daily life and create spaces where we can live in our own “microcosm”, if you know what I mean.  Especially those of you who live with other family members, do not hesitate to stickle that from them! If you do, believe me, this long lasting cohabitation will run much more smoothly and everyone will be happier!

Mine is where i have my morning coffee (no, I lie, usually I have my morning coffee at my table kitchen enjoying the morning sun but not always), where i am seeking a moment of relax, doing nothing or hanging around on the web or having a phone call with a good friend and definitely where I crash at the end of a hard day and I take a first nap before going to bed….

But the biggest luxury that I get from this corner is the feeling of being able to unfold all my thoughts there while lighting a candle and listening to music.  I open my books nearby, my collections (i’ ll talk to you about them soon) or my photo albums to get inspirations and ideas and mostly all these fulfilling emotions of being nostalgic and a big dreamer at the same breath.


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