Are you aware of “Pasteli”?

by loloelen

if not, just google it and you will find a bunch of articles dedicated to this special Greek product.

It is just a honey-sesame bar and it is one of the most healthy choices for breakfast or snack.

You can have it in your bag and eat while working or walking, during a trip, at your lunch break, in the evening before going to bed.

Believe me you don’t need more than 100g to satisfy your appetite.   You just need to experiment all sorts of Pasteli in the market and find your fav.  Mine is the classic version but for sure it is worth trying all, with various nuts and/or dried fruits, crispy or chewy!

Take a look at its history that has its origin in ancient Greece and take a note to search for it at your next trip and definitely taste it or in case you have it available at your local market to give it a shot.

Stay tuned to buy from our shop the traditional honey-sesame bar of Melitteas.


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