Time for a cup of tea

by loloelen

I am huge fan of coffee, espresso actually but lately I adopted the habit of tea drinking, at least one cup per day.  I started to do so, cause I am on a diet (still on a diet!) and I avoid to drink beverages or alcohol… so whenever I want to drink anything apart from water, i choose tea.  This doesn’t mean that i do not have my morning coffee, first thing in the morning, as I do the last 3 decades of my life…. do not doubt about that!

I have read and heard many things for the top benefits of tea drinking, like hydrating the body, relaxing you, losing weight, avoiding heart attacks etc.  I am sure that all are true and well-founded. But I am not the kind of person that I will choose a specific variety seeking benefits.  I will chose it mostly by the flavor.  My favorite is mountain tea (maybe for some specialists this is a herbal infusion and not an actual tea, but anyway) with a few drops of lemon or/and just a couple of ginger slim slices and sometimes with a teaspoon of honey.

What i enjoy most is the procedure of brewing my tea.  I always use these classic tea kettles to boil fresh water, with this annoying but so cozy sound of when is ready (i hate those fancy, quick, automatic water boilers), traditional tea pot and cup with generous dose of nostalgia for the past and a comfortable sofa, loveseat or armchair to seat down.

Adopt this habit and seek your preferable benefit of tea drinking and your moment in a day.


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