Monochrome dress code – a “turn head” case

by loloelen

We all want to stand out and hear many “WOWs” …. But what can you do to succeed this? Which is the safest way? The answer is “monochrome dress code”.

Monochrome means different shades of a single color to create an overall tonal look.  Some people may think it is black and/or white and some times grey …. but no this is not the case. You can pick up any color you like and wear it from top to bottom.  If you don’t have a favorite color or you don’t know which is the most flattering to your skin just think of grouping the colors in warm, cool and neutral and then start playing …. I bet, you will get an outcome pretty soon!

But, before choosing the proper color shades, let’s talk about monochrome’s benefits ….. there are plenty!

  • is always on trend
  • adds a touch of class to your outfit
  • it’s easy to experiment with (especially if you are not a “fashion addicted” person)
  • makes you look slimmer (ok, at this point, we have to say that you should use darker shades on areas you want to “hide” and lighter on those you want to “accentuate”)
  • it’s easy to match styles and fabrics
  • actually it makes you pay attention on fabrics
  • suits everyone and
  • less consuming time to get ready

Do you want more to be your first choice for your “turn head” appearances?   Me, no! I am just crazy about this dress code!  See at my featured photo, how cool it is, for both men & women (Source: Imdb).

Be my guest and try it!



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Leda April 10, 2020 - 12:40 pm

I just love it! Excellent choice of stying!

loloelen April 10, 2020 - 1:06 pm

Indeed! a safe way for elegant style!


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