Handcrafted knitted bags …. a cherished style accessory

by loloelen

They say that teenage friendships follow you during your whole life … Well this is true and I feel blessed about it! On top of that, if they become “partnerships” you feel the power under your wings and you can spread them widely!

I know that you may say “what friendship has to do with stylish knitted bags?” …. I will explain to you shortly, do not forget that I am the kind of person who thinks and writes …. no text “pre” prepared.  The last couple of years, before even imagining that I would start running loloelen blog and shop, I was watching a friend’s work with 100% handmade, knitted bags and I was falling in love with them …. I wanted them all, whenever she was uploading a new design or color or size I was sending eager to buy it …

So, now that I am trying to set up my own collections, I called her and I explained to her in simple terms what I intend to do with this blog-shop and she spontaneously – with this elegant and stylish way of talking (not only knitting) replied to me “yes, my lolo, why not!”.  And here we are …. soon we will have available KoronetBags handcrafted, beautiful, colorful knitted bags, in a couple of sizes, of 90% cotton-10%nylon fabric, with classy details on them to escort you in any occasion and any time of the day.

You will be able to purchase them immediately or pre-order them (always depending on stock availability).

Keep in mind that a bag along with shoes is the most precious accessory of our style and for sure the piece that can define our personal style.  So … be my guest and chose the bag that will state your style accurately.

Feeling really thrilled about this “collaboration”.

Lot’s of kisses

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