Jewellery styles in the 50s

by loloelen

As i am trying to set up my online shop where I will have available for you items that I really adore, I decided to prepare a short presentation of colorful plastic original or not earrings of the 50’s that I have in my hands.  But firstly, allow me to write a few things about the trends in jewellery style at that decade which is one of the most colorful and magical fashion period of time.

Both costume jewelry and fine and precious jewelry in unique and trendy designs were popular in the ’50s. Colorful precious stones and diamonds, at considerably big size were used in precious metals like platinum and gold to create different styles of jewelry.

The most trendy was the use of pearls!  Such a necklace or chain was considered a symbol of wealth and elegance.  But you should be aware of fake ones …. oh, yes, at that time it was impossible to make the difference between real and fake peals.

On the other hand, very popular – especially to those who couldn’t afford precious accessories – were the cheaper costume jewelry adored in semi-precious or/and synthetic gems, plastics in different colors and rhinestones set in base metals to imitate the patterns of fine jewelry.

And here I am today, searching the market for original vintage-retro earrings of the 50’s but also of excellent imitations that will glorify your style.

Just wear a tee-shirt, your fav jeans and this kind of earrings and get ready to magnetize all eyes.



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